Employee Performance Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process of Employee Performance accurately and critically

Employee Performance evaluation keeps a company safe from a lot of legal and social troubles. It gives a proper channel and written evidence if a company needs to terminate or discipline a certain employee. Employees should be evaluated on the basis of their competencies and their efforts in striving to empower your business’s performance. The employees should know the basis of evaluation, and they should also get due praise, incentive and constructive criticism regularly. They can be evaluated considering a number of factors but a few that are generally required by every organization and business are discussed below.

Knowledge and Communication Skills

The first and foremost demand of every business organization is a knowledgeable employee. Every employee is critically evaluated regarding his knowledge and communication skills. Employee’s knowledge, expertise and skills are essential component in his success and should be given attention when evaluating the performance. If any employee cannot communicate with the customers or his fellow colleagues, he is obstructing others path as well.

Personality and Appearance

Appearance and personality should be managed with entire performance. It is very important that employees are well dressed and well mannered even if it is a small business. Their behavior exhibits their qualification and skills. Personality and appearance matter in attracting customers, as well as in creating a neat and friendly working environment. So, all the workers should be informed and evaluated on the basis of maintaining healthy environment.

Attendance and Punctuality

Employees should be critically evaluated on the basis of their regularity and punctuality to maintain the decorum of the business organization. Punctuality means a lot in empowering business performance. If a person is highly educated, talented and capable of working in multi dimensional ways, and he is not regular and comes late to the office, his positive points just get waived off. Irregularity dominates all his capabilities.

Flexibility and Adaptability towards Change

Being flexible towards the changing environment and adapting the change as quickly as possible is the basic need of every company and business organization. A stagnant business can never grow. So, it is very important for all the employees to have a very flexible behavior towards the changing environment of the business. Employees should be critically evaluated on this basis. If an employee is not adaptable to changes, and remains rigid; he will create hurdles for the organization.

Commitment and Loyalty

The employees should be committed and loyal to their duties. Their performance should be evaluated on the basis of their determination and how they manage their entire performance with the goals and objectives of company.

If an employee is not loyal to his job, he will never be efficient in any task. Management should give rewards and incentives to encourage the employees to stay committed and loyal to their work and organization.