How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work

Getting employees excited about their work is a challenge that many organizations struggle to meet. The plain reason for this is the traditional approach in which orders are handed down with a direction and there is nothing in this to motivate and excite employees. The key to exciting employees about their work is to communicating with them. This can be done by a simple formula that includes: entertaining them,inspiring them, informing them and directing them.

What approach should be used for Inspiring Employees?

Combinations of these elements account for certain levels of emotional connections and satisfaction. For example, when you inform and direct them, this forms what is known as low communication connection. Also, entertaining and informing them builds produces self-centered contentment. Additionally, inspiring and directing employees produces audience-centered contentment, and entertaining and inspiring employees builds a high emotional connection. A combination of these techniques is known to produce better performance management.

What type of balance should be implemented in order to Inspire Employees?

While you can easily see the differences in the way employees can be approached and the results that can be attained, it is not entirely feasible to focus on the approaches that will please employees and produce a high-end emotional connection. Therefore, there has to be a balance in the approach. For example, it is impossible to run your organization without directing employees. Without direction, your leadership would be crippled and employees would be at a loss.

Where does the Communication issue lie?

The problem that’s basically identified when it comes to employee engagement is that employees do not see themselves on the same page as the CEO. It’s imperative that they see themselves this way because this is how what the CEO expects of them.

If a CEO inspires his or her employees through a healthy blend of the communication mix mentioned here, it is more than likely that employees will respond positively and demonstrate increased employee productivity.The expected results are determined based on a review and analysis of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, which is why there is a lot of confidence behind this approach.

The whole idea of creating a balanced approach to leading your employees is so that work gets done by enthusiastic employees who are inspired and keen on performing well. It must be remembered that there is more that goes into the mix when it comes to motivating employees. Just inspiring them with words is not enough as incentives must be offered as well if you want to see more favorable employee output and better business results.