Employee Performance

Increase Employee Performance with Collaboration Tool Core Features

Organizations these days are on the lookout and are ready to implement tools that allow them to improve overall performance. Appropriate tools can be implemented in order to improve employee performance, which will translate into organizational performance and eventual goal achievement.

In order to improve employee performance, businesses implement tools that have a number of features. Only tools that prove to be effective are implemented, and depending on the need of your organization you will implement tools that offer the best solutions for your business needs.

Suitable tools that can boost employee performance should:

  • Be a web app that allows team members to access it at any time, and it should be accessible via any system, Mac/Linux or Windows
  • Be equipped with a project management app suite that facilitates users to set and assign tasks and milestones efficiently, and add comments
  • Possess reporting features that allow you to gauge work progress and view individual and group achievements
  • Offer tracking features than enable you to follow-up with each task and keep a close watch on progress which will include meeting deadlines
  • Have an alert system to help you meet deadlines and avoid missing out on project updates. Alerts should be delivered to your email or phone
  • Have lists of tasks that must be completed, as these will serve as reminders for each employee to look at at the start of each work day.
  • Have a group chat feature that allows employees to communicate among themselves and with supervisors. This feature serves well with leaving messages for team members who are not online and can review messages when they log in
  • Be user-friendly to the extent that first-time users must be able to find their way around. Navigation must also be convenient so that users can move from one task to another easily
  • Display an option that allows users to log in with social media accounts such as Facebook/Google/Twitter accounts, which makes things a little easier, and can be advantageous too
  • Be without a no-spam policy since receiving tons of emails alerting you about how good the web app is can be quite annoying
  • Be affordable for all kinds of businesses to purchase.

A web app that supports your business with a range of features can be immensely advantageous, as your employee performance can improve many times over. Such an app can be used for aptly measuring your employees’ performance. You can get your hands on data of your employees’ performance and your company’s progress against targets that you have already set. View our free demo to learn more about how a web app can help you measure employee performance.