Drive Your Leadership with 5 New Year Resolutions

People generally tend to ask employees to make New Year resolutions. However, organizational leaders too need to make sure they have their own New Year resolutions lined up as well, as it’s in their best interest as leaders.There are just a few things that leaders need to doing order to become more committed, respected and result-oriented. Below are few extremely simple but helpful tips that leaders can gain from.

Involve more people decision making and planning

One of the keys to becoming a better leader is to involve more people in your decision making. When you decide things alone, you are likely to miss out on crucial considerations. To avoid using your team mates in your decision making is like squandering your investments. This is because you have invested in this human capital, and you must maximize the value of their presence.

Let your goals be visible to everyone, not just yourself

It’s simply not possible for your organization to achieve any goal with only you knowing what the target is. Your team will never be able to work with complete enthusiasm if they are unaware of what they have to achieve. Develop a realistic goal with your team and place it in front of them. Set tasks for them and make sure you get updates on their progress regularly. Switch roles for these tasks if you need to in order to ensure that no one gets bogged down with monotony.

Be creative with your communication channels

Communication is everything if you want you want your organization to prosper and grow. You need to make sure that messages dispatched are received. Sending an email alone is not enough. Double check if your message has been received and you can do this through a phone call or an instant message. The larger your team is, the more you will need to ensure that your messages are getting across.

Let feedback drive the future

Any information you get back from any source within your organization must be used for bettering your operations. If the news is positive, you can make things better, and if it’s negative you have an opportunity to turn that around too. You will need to implement a performance monitoring system in order to gauge what is going on. You can enjoy complete reports through a performance monitoring system that can be used to guide you with future progress.

Set an Example

Remember, you are the best model for your team to follow. So be sure to set a good example for them, as they watch and observe you closely. You may need to take a look at your actions from your team’s perspective and then decide if that’s the behavior and attitude you really want to show. By assessing your own behavior, you will know whether or not you are being constructive and leading by example.

One of the best ways to gauge your own and your employees’ engagement levels in any task is to deploy a monitoring system. One of the best employee management systems available today include performance management systems, which can track progress at all levels and determine the performance curve in relation to your organizational goals.