Who Should Get a 360 Review?

Traditionally, 360s have been limited to the top leadership at a company. But the tides are shifting. Organizations are beginning to recognize the need to develop all of their employees and they’re using 360s as an integral part of their employee development plans. As previously noted, Millennials want feedback – and they don’t want to wait until they are senior managers to get it.

Technology is making it easier, faster and more affordable to deliver 360 feedback than ever before. More organizations are choosing to provide this feedback and the associated development opportunities for all of their employees, from the C-level to entry level. It goes along with the fabled conversation between the CEO and the CFO. The CFO asks, “What if we train all our people and they leave the company?” To which the CEO responds, “What if we don’t and they stay?”

360-degree employee assessments are important to organizations, managers, and employees. Managers benefit from having the opportunity to get feedback from a variety of sources which both helps them improve and allows them to help their employees learn how they can capitalize on their strengths and improve where they are weak. Employees benefit because, for the most part, they are eager to improve and want feedback. And the organization as a whole benefits because 360s foster a culture of feedback and continuous improvement that leads to a stronger, more engaged workforce.