BullseyeEngagement Partners with SCI Companies and PlatformOne

Partnership for Employee Engagement and Talent Management Solutions

SCI Companies announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with BullseyeEngagement, to make their performance management solutions available to clients of both SCI Companies and PlatformOne.

Since 1985, SCI Companies has offered a full range of Human Resources technology and shared services to small employers of all industries. In 2002, the company launched its affiliated company, PlatformOne, to offer similar HR technologies and services to businesses in the mid-market. Today the combined companies serve over a hundred thousand employees across more than a thousand clients in various industries.

BullseyeEngagement Performance Management System

Bullseye Performance Management System

The BullseyeEngagement software solutions will include capabilities to perform employee evaluations, manage personnel talent, and optimize the performance metrics of businesses around their employees, operations and finances.

“Just as your prospective customers are continuously evaluating the credibility of your marketing and sales messages, your employees are constantly surmising the accountability of senior leadership and the internal HR messages,” said Henry Hardin, CEO and president of SCI Companies. “Businesses often measure the loyalty of customers, but what about the dedication of employees. Raising the level of employee engagement by way of performance and talent management techniques is the key today to improvements in the role of Human Resources within any organization.”

SCI Companies plans to make the Bullseye solution capabilities available to all its clients, as soon as key data and system integration points are completed with its HR product offerings. Clients will be able to measure both the longer-term effectiveness of their training and recruiting functions and the shorter-term productivity and business value of employees, through employee management criteria which they create and track.

“When combined with our long standing core HR and Payroll technologies and our reporting capabilities, Bullseye’s key performance indicators from its executive and management dashboards will finally furnish our clients with the performance management tools we have strived to deliver,” said Stephanie Mapp, director of PlatformOne operations. “Now there is a comprehensive shared services HR offering, delivered under cloud technology, and complete with dashboard performance tools, that offers small and mid-sized businesses an affordable alternative to standard outsourcing solutions.”

About SCI Companies

SCICompanies has led the industry with innovative Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) solutions since 1985. Our focus on flexible, customer-based solutions provides a comprehensive menu of Human Resources (HR) services, consulting and outsourcing designed to offer the convenience of a single-source provider for all your HR needs. We have grown with our customers by offering an unbeatable combination of individually customized programs, leading edge technology and a service team dedicated to making you “The Employer of Choice.” Contact us today.

About PlatformOne

PlatformOne is an innovator and leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art Human Resources solutions. Built on over 25 years of experience, today PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR Technology Infrastructure, HR Administrative Services and HR Professional Support. Our comprehensive HR services are delivered by top HR professionals, utilizing world-class processes and technologies. Our goal is to produce efficient, consistent, and cost-effective results for our clients.

About BullseyeEngagement

BullseyeEngagement is a web-based performance management solutions company that helps to optimize employee and operational performance of companies, non-profits and academic institutions. Bullseye offers the only non-forms based solutions for both human capital and operational performance management. Our Employee Performance Solution improves engagement by facilitating frequent communication and social feedback. Our business intelligence solutions display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator dashboards.

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