Narcissistic Leadership and Charismatic Leadership

Narcissistic leadership and charismatic leadership are two very different forms of leadership which managers themselves are adopting these days in order to not only keep their staff ahead but also to add benefits to their careers.

What are the subtle differences between Narcissistic Leadership and Charismatic Leadership?

Charismatic leaders are confident and friendly individuals who believe in team work and who try their best to take the entire staff with them. These leaders are the sort of people who the employees look up to and since they take each and every family member with them together it is usually the type leaders that all staff members prefer. In order to be a charismatic leader one needs to make sure that they are confident and they are social so that they can maintain all sorts of relationship within their office environment and hopefully keep everyone happy at the same time.

While most people admit that narcissistic leaders do not help the office at all and are probably the sole reasons that a firm and its employees seize to function properly, however there are a number of reasons why it is considered a good leadership trait. Narcissistic leaders are usually very much into their own game and make sure that they themselves look good and while most of the time teams do not appreciate this, however it is also one reason that effective leaders managing do  the best results in the end and it is the reason why firms manage to stay at the top which is why it is as beneficial as a charismatic leader.

How similar are these two leadership methods?

These two leadership methods are pretty similar with one another since they both focus on team work and how the overall performance management would notice the efforts of the team in any way possible and not to mention the fact that they are highly beneficial for any firm.

How different are these two leadership methods?

Both methods do get the work done, however the motives and intentions involved within them are pretty different since leaders who have charisma just tend to make people more inspire and get the work done in a harmonious way, however narcissists make sure that their position within a team is not compromised and they themselves are shown as the star of their project so that the performance management gives them the added perks.


Both these methods have a slight line of difference within them and while it is advised that leaders mostly go for charismatic leadership, however that is not the case always since in an environment where employees compete in a narcissistic way they make sure that they give the very best of their abilities to the firm which in the longer run does tend to be beneficial for everyone within the firm.

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