Surviving the dreaded Performance Appraisals

The term performance appraisal always makes most employees nervous, since your supervisor judging your each and every move doesn’t sound like much of a good idea, does it? The performance appraisals are what define your future in a company which is why create a lasting impression on your employer during the appraisals is a must.

How can Performance Appraisals work as an advantage for you?

Most employees are still not comfortable with the idea of these appraisals which could either be annually or in a quarterly depending upon the firm. Now while they might scare most employees, however it cannot be denied that they have a huge number of advantages for not only the firm but also for the employees.

Performance appraisals give you the opportunity to meet your employer in person which in turn then helps create a lasting impression on him and get to know more about the firm too. Apart from that it gives you a clear understanding of where you are and what are your goals and achievements so far in the firm. They also makes you more aware of your long term plans and makes you realize if you need to step up your game or not.

Why are Employees reluctant about Performance Assessments even if they might work in their advantage?

Now while all these reasons might convince a few people as to why performance appraisals help a firm, however many people still have their reservations about them and are still not particularly sure if they’re essential or not.

Most employees think that the entire process is very time consuming and pretty unfair, since employees who have been working all year along might stay behind if they don’t shine on that one particular day. The comments and suggestions might demotivate few employees who do not take constructive criticism easily and it might actually decrease their confidence if they go through the excruciating process of evaluation. The argument about the goals ahead or the perks that the firm might want to offer to the employee might not always be satisfactory which is why in turn it could lead into an argument and then an unhealthy environment in the office.

Solutions that might satisfy both Employees and Employer regarding Performance Appraisals

Now keeping both the parties happy is quite a tough task, however with good and effective communications skills and negotiation techniques it is possible that these appraisals might turn out to be the advantage for everyone.

The employer needs to make sure that whatever message they are communicating is in a subtle way which does not demotiavte the employee and also makes sure that the message is being communicated effectively. Apart from that the employees also need to negotiate well and also be aware that these evaluations are related to work and not anything personal. If both the parties are willing and able to be unbiased and understanding about the entire process, then everything can surely work for everyone’s advantage.

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