The 2015 Job Board Industry is Being Shaped by 7 Big Trends

A lot has been predicted for 2015, and you’ll find a lot of people telling you about what happened in 2014. Based on the occurrences of the previous year, some predictions turn out to be totally false while a handful may have some credibility. Among these are seven big trends that will shape the job board in 2015.

Companies that are looking to hire individuals are now on the lookout for more well-rounded individuals who can prove their worth as individuals who are capable of single-handedly managing tasks. While operations progressed from department to department where specialists dealt with particular parts of a process, there is not a shift to individualized processes, especially in the IT sector, which have people completing most parts of a process on their own. Companies believe this has advantages especially when employees have one or two core strengths along with few others that they can get by with.


Having diverse strengths is at the top of the list for 2015, and the more you know as a potential employee, the greater your chances are of being hired by a good firm. However, while you have multiple skills, you must possess one core trait around which your career pivots.

Technical Strengths and Talent Shortages:

Those with technical skills are far more favored over others who are not. Just holding a degree in a discipline is not enough if you don’t possess skills that you can put to use on your own. Writing, designing, coding, technical research, etc. are all areas that are in demand.

Job Boards are Expanding:

With unfulfilled job vacancies in many areas, job boards have a lot to do. This is a whole lot of opportunity for them, as they get organized and offer services to employers and job seekers as well. They bridge the gap and help companies and individuals in what they’re looking for.

Businesses Focus on Retention:

While the trend for hiring multi-talented individuals is on the rise, businesses are trying out new methods of employee retention. They don’t mind a person leaving that is almost a liability, but they certainly want to hang on to those who offer great service. Businesses now incentive a lot of what they’re doing, and even processes that they may hand over to employees are also handed as a challenge in return for which there are significant rewards.

Employer Brand Counts:

According to the latest LinkedIn Global Trends survey, around 75% of recruiters believe that employer brands have a huge effect on recruitment success. Mobile Recruitment: More and more businesses and recruitment sites now have mobile versions because they now realize that more than 50% of job searchers conduct their searches on mobile.

Higher spending on Recruitment:

Business are keen to spend more on head hunting, assessment, recruitment, and retaining employees.

Data is also of great importance, especially real-time data. The best example is real-time data available to human resource departments through performance management software. Performance data of employees will reveal a lot about your company’s progress, and there is a lot to gain from it in terms of optimizing performance and slashing costs. You can get a good idea of this through our demo that you can view here.